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New Skatepark Is Result Of Generous Donation By Chadd Sullo

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It also brings together kids from other cities. Also, skateboarding builds friendships and bonds that last forever.”
— Chadd Sullo
NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, November 20, 2017 / -- There is good news for the city's skater community. Thanks to resident Chadd Sullo, a new skatepark will be built behind the community center.

Through a donation, the new skatepark will feature some of the more popular obstacles and landscaping for local skaters.

"With no skatepark in the area, kids are always getting into trouble skating where it's not allowed," explains Sullo.

"I want to create a place in the city where skating is allowed, and they cannot be bothered."

Features Of New Park

Once completed, the skatepark will feature different course obstacles, like rails and ramps. The area can also be a benefit for BMX, scooters, wheelchairs, and aggressive inline skating.

Donations by Chadd Sullo includes $50,000-worth of in-kind design work and $25,000 for construction costs for the new park. Sullo was able to get obstacles and landscaping donated by local businesses.

"For the city and the mayor to get behind and embrace a project like this is awesome," Sullo adds. "I loved skating growing up, but never had a static place to go. Children of the community can come and not be bothered and told to go away."

The skatepark will feature bowls, and these will let skaters move around the park without taking their feet off the board to push.

Groundbreaking Of Land Takes Place

A ceremony took place at the community center as the city celebrated the beginning of construction. Dozens of skateboard enthusiasts of all ages come to partake in the celebration.

The mayor stated that actual construction of the skatepark would be in a few short weeks. Earlier this month, the equipment, obstacles, and landscaping orders were complete.

Before the groundbreaking ceremony completed, one of the young local skaters completed a frontside 5-0 grind. It was the park's first and was on a quarter pipe ramp.

Popularity of Skateboarding Rising

According to studies, there are currently over 500 skateparks around the United States.

Skateboarding made their recent debut at the 2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, China. Secondly, the International Olympic Committee has voted to bring the spot to the 2020 Tokyo Games.

Four events will include men's and women's park skating, and men's and women's street skating.

Additionally, the skateboarding industry is booming. The skateboarding market is valued worldwide as a 4.8 billion dollar industry. Also, that includes 11 million people who self-report they regularly skateboard.

In the city, skateboarders had to settle for using abandoned warehouses, parking decks, and the streets.

"It's all about letting skaters having a place to call their own," explains Sullo.

Future Development Of Area

The buzz of the park is stretching to surrounding communities. This skatepark could be the first domino to fall for other cities to build their own.

According to Chadd Sullo, skateboarding builds and strengthens communities.

"When a skatepark's erected, the word gets out very quickly," Sullo explains. "It becomes a weekend and after-school destination instantly."

"It also brings together kids from other cities. Also, skateboarding builds friendships and bonds that last forever."

The success of the skatepark could open up for future expansion of the area. The idea could lead to events, competitions, and other types of playgrounds in the surrounding area.

"I hope for a family-oriented time," says Sullo. "One child could be skating, and a parent and another child could be on the playground a few feet away. We don't want to alienate skateboarders to their place, but open it up to the featured attraction among other activities."

The park will feature lights that will keep the park open past dusk. Also, with the police station down the street, children in the park will feel safe at night.

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